Mindfulness at work


by Geri Palmer, Law staff | about 1 year ago

“Mindfulness” seems to be the trending word at present. It pops up on our social media and is talked about regularly, but what does it actually mean? At first, I imagined doing yoga poses at my desk between coffee breaks, but in fact you don’t have to be meditating at all to appreciate the benefits of applying principles of mindfulness into your daily work life.

Mindfulness is reconnecting with our bodies and all of the senses. It is taking the time to stop, notice and pay attention to the present; allowing ourselves to see the present clearly and being aware of our thoughts and feelings.

Applying mindfulness into your day is the first step to being present and productive at work, using these simple techniques:

  1. Focus on the present moment. When you feel like you are getting lost in your thoughts, thinking about the past or worrying about the future, which we all do subconsciously, you need to bring your attention back to what you are facing right now and exist for the present time.
  2. Connecting with your senses can ground you and is also classified as a mindful exercise. It takes less than a minute to focus on what you feel, see, hear or do right now – concentrate on that rather than apprehending the worst outcome.
  3. Without trying to change your thoughts, good or bad, being non-judgemental towards all feelings that actually have a purpose in nature to protect us is a good step forward. Try not to judge others and let go of any resentment that you may hold toward a colleague, as it’s only detrimental to you.
  4. Acceptance is one of the biggest keys to letting go of stress – Accept that you cannot change the work load but that you can work through it and prioritise work, so that it is tackled in a more productive manner. Tolerate whatever it is that comes up and deal with it head on, accepting that others may be struggling and not judging them for what they do will help create a more relaxed working environment.

Being on auto-pilot means you are not fully aware or present to see the opportunities that are available and therefore, using mindfulness techniques just reminds you to become more aware and conscious of the present time. Sometimes we need to slow down to be able to speed up by changing our responses to stress and concentrating on a single task at a time. Taking on all tasks at once is counter productive and will leave you missing out important information and not actually getting much done.

Stress and anxiety affects 40% of the world. Many of us are suffering daily and if we are not directly affected, we know a colleague or family member dealing with anxiety on various levels of severity! Most of us feel stressed at some point during our working lives or week! We are living in a fast-paced working environment with huge amounts of pressures coming at us from all angles and we worry about the future, past and present! Having a mindful attitude to life is the first step to nipping anxiety and feelings of stress in the bud.

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