Top traits of successful legal jobseekers


by Morgan Hunt | 4 months ago

If you had a magic wand and could give yourself one defining characteristic to get your dream job, what would it be? 

Creating a killer CV and cover letter is a given and properly preparing for your interview the cherry on top, but what ingredients add up to the perfect candidate? Over the past 20 years Morgan Hunt have been working with a varied mix of candidates and there are five overarching characteristics of successful jobseekers that stand out.

They’re simpler than you think and can be adapted by anyone no matter what industry you work in or level you’re at, so here are our top five characteristics of successful job seekers:

Be an effective planner

As a job seeker, you should have an effective job hunting plan - your goal, your steps to achieve them, and your target companies, among other details. Your plan will give focus and direction to your job hunting efforts so that each step contributes to the achievement of your goal.
Tip: Set daily and weekly tasks and then achieve them. These tasks can include polishing your curriculum vitae and cover letter, researching the companies, and sending your applications as well as preparing for interviews.

Be marketing savvy

If you don't have confidence in yourself, no one else will either, which is why marketing yourself is not only important for making a good first impression but also acts as your best tool for demonstrating your skills, experience and knowledge in front of the hiring manager.

Tip: Build on your brand strategy and online reputation so that it demonstrates industry knowledge and insight by keeping your LinkedIn profile updated, engaging with relevant industry experts on Twitter and commenting on relevant blogs & forums.

Live and breathe professionalism

Employers look for applicants who demonstrate a high sense of professionalism both in their actions and on paper. You must then show employers two aspects of your career so far:

Accountability, a time when you have taken responsibility for your actions and decisions while also going beyond the call of duty to get the job done.
Adaptability, demonstrate an occasion when you used ingenuity and flexibility in meeting the challenges of your job and incorporated a dynamic approach to solving problems.

Tip: You don’t have to come up with a plethora of examples for every interview you go to, think of one or at most two examples that incorporates 

Prove yourself trustworthy

While being trustworthy can only be demonstrated in actual practice, you can still be deemed trustworthy when your curriculum vitae and online profiles including social media accounts match. Keep in mind that with the Internet, you cannot keep hidden for long any event that may put your trustworthiness into question.

You can also demonstrate trustworthiness by being honest with your answers during the interview. Just remember that being honest does not equate to disparaging others and putting more information than necessary on the table.

Tip: Commit to want you want

With the job market being tight as it is in many industries, you will find yourself searching for a job longer than you intended. Just keep at it because your tenacity will be rewarded especially when your prospective employers see such trait.

In the end, your persistence in job hunting will be your own reward even when the going appears to be tougher than usual.

Tip: Adopting these traits of highly-effective job seekers will help get your job search back on target. If you’re ready to put these tips into practice talk to our people today and get tailored career advice from our consultants who work on a personal and consultative basis to find you your dream job.