Maximising the value of your website


by Scott Brown, Accesspoint Media Services | 6 months ago

The vision for the use of more joined-up IT within legal is now a major talking point across a good number of law firms and we’re now starting to see how this can be implemented to best effect on the ground. Your website has the potential to be an untapped vault of yet-to-be-found wealth.

All too often law firms have committed themselves to big expenditures on technology, websites and marketing, which are often vastly underutilised or sometimes even misunderstood. These have the capability to deliver a lot more when managed and used correctly. A firm’s website no longer merely acts as a shop window but has the capability to pull in a more intelligent and efficient way of working by integrating software automation and linking it directly with a firm’s practice management system (PMS).

As with everything related to IT, you must first consider and identify what outcome is required. First, understand and adopt the power IT has to offer in accelerating your ability to overcome daily challenges, and then the importance of getting it right for your ever-changing environment and increasingly demanding colleagues and clients alike. 

Web forms are a particularly data-rich environment as we know and could alleviate many hours, if not days, of admin resource. Software is available that allows your firm to seamlessly join your website to your PMS. This can offer the ability to automatically inject the data from your website enquiry forms and create a prospective client directly within your PMS – providing you with a seamless highspeed link between prospects, clients and solicitors, thus bridging the gap of miscommunication and wasted admin time.

With every enquiry form that’s sent to your firm, you can track and analyse the data from it. The web form creates a prospective client and a follow-up automated action for the client intake process. The reports produced can track conversion rates from prospect to live client and how much revenue has been generated from your web forms. 

Bespoke web forms can be created that allow you to add relevant data fields and attach the most suitable recipient to the field to receive the enquiry and respond accordingly.

Once the forms have been completed, an acknowledgement email can automatically be sent to the prospect within seconds, as well as a notification sent straight into the designated solicitor’s inbox regarding the enquiry – the whole issue being dealt with in a matter of seconds. A series of follow-up alerts can then be triggered to ensure that no enquiry will be missed. The whole process is tailored to your firm’s internal procedures and General Data Protection Regulation requirements. The future of utilising your website is bright. Software such as this shows that there are solutions out in the marketplace that can allow your firm to join the big league in making websites work for it and become more efficient in improving the firm’s workflow.

This article was first published in the October 2019 issue of LPM Magazine 'Process apping'.