Learning and development / event coordinator


  • To work as part of the BLS team and manage relevant projects;
  • To create an L&D strategy with the Director of L&D for the benefit of BLS members;
  • To develop and manage the L&D function for Birmingham Law Society in order to provide quality training to the legal profession, while ensuring that the L&D function is commercially viable;
  • To assist in co-ordinating and managing BLS events both, L&D and social;
  • To deputise for the Head of Operations in their absence, as and when required.

Overview of Responsibilities:

  • Management of operational and strategic planning in relation to L & D;
  • Controlling resources and costs to ensure value for money;
  • Development and delivery of the L & D offer;
  • Monitoring of the L & D events for quality assurance and value;
  • Continual review of the legal market to ensure that the requirements of the Society’s diverse membership are met, including liaising with speakers and committees to ensure awareness of current and anticipated training needs within the legal profession;
  • Building and maintaining key relationships with members, Directors and Council members, speakers, venues and the National Law Society;
  • The production and delivery of monthly, quarterly and annual budgets and business reports to the Director of L&D, HR Director, Head of Operations and accountant;
  • Identifying the value of each seminar or other L&D activity, setting and controlling budgets;
  • Drafting promotional material for L&D activities and liaising with the marketing team to ensure that events are promoted in a timely and effective manner;
  • Developing leads from the Board with regards to sponsored seminar opportunities;
  • Sitting as a member of the E&T Committee;
  • Liaising with counterparts from other local law societies including the Joint V;
  • Monitoring activities of other course providers/competitors to prevent duplication and overlap where possible; 
  • Providing training, support and supervision of the Administration Assistant in partnership with the Head of Operations to develop and increase overall capability, effectiveness and understanding of the infrastructure and workings of BLS and the L&D business.

Breakdown of duties:

L&D Project Area

Determining goals, target audience and profitability:

  • To work with the Director of L&D to create a learning and development strategy for BLS;
  • To work with speakers and sponsors to establish feasibility of course ideas: specifically, relevance, educational benefit and solution focussed;
  • To determine a programme of themes/topics/seminars/courses to be updated on a throughout the year to respond to trends and developments;
  • Determine the appropriate format of the event e.g. online, roundtable, seminar, conference;
  • Demonstrate commercial awareness by considering the commercial viability of each event.

Identifying and Understanding the Training Needs of BLS Members:

  • Working with the BLS Committees to identify the training needs of BLS members;
  • Visiting member firms/ joining a HR Forum to identify the training needs of BLS members;
  • Liaising with President, Vice President and Deputy Vice President to deliver their L&D priorities for their year.

Determining marketing plans for each seminar:

  • To create an electronic database of speakers for the use of BLS;
  • Mailing lists and logistics;
  • Design and production of all marketing material;
  • Hard copy mailings and emailers using IT system to target and contact potential delegates;
  • Promotion of activities and courses via social media.

Establishing schedule:

  • Working with speakers and sponsors to set date and time for seminar for maximum effectiveness.

Selecting speakers:

  • Using knowledge of the market, feedback from delegates and general popularity of speakers to make decisions as to which speaker to approach;
  • Reviewing suitability of speakers based on their knowledge, “pulling  power”, presentation skills, availability and fees;
  • Meeting and liaising with speakers, confirming availability and negotiating fees and cancellation periods/cancellation fees.


  • Reviewing options: e.g. member firm’s conference room, Sponsor’s offices, hotel, conference centre;
  • Ensuring the availability of logistical support: photocopying, audio-visual equipment, telephones/message service, rest rooms/cloak rooms, larger space for overcapacity when using external venues;
  • Negotiating terms and conditions and managing reservation and terms of booking.

Overseeing all general administration:

  • ensuring bookings are confirmed and briefing sent to all speakers
  • ensuring all delegates are aware in advance of all arrangements for the event
  • managing relationship with venue and speakers
  • managing catering arrangements as appropriate and ensure high quality of delivery
  • event management at the event


  • Attending and assisting at non-L&D events as and when required;
  • Assist with non-L & D projects as and when required, in accordance with instructions from the Head of Operations.

General Responsibilities as an employee of BLS:

  • To promote and support all BLS’ activities and benefits of membership;
  • Attending all BLS events;
  • Assist the Head of Operations in the overall running of the office and relevant activities to support the team;
  • To undertake any additional duties as may be required by the Board/Officers;
  • Assist with answering phones and dealing with Membership and general enquiries;
  • Covering the work of other members of the team during holiday periods;
  • Deputising for the Head of Operations as required in her absence.